Copy machines remain the most loyal, hardworking office equipment in any business, however as companies across the globe go paperless, many business owners may cease to see the value in having a copier in the office. At SOS, we’re here to challenge that thought.

Copiers do more than just duplicate your paper, they help you manage your usage, workflows and so much more. Read on to see why copiers are still necessary for your business!

Hard copies are technology backup

Most businesses opt to save their documents on digital storing systems such as the cloud; however, this isn’t the be all and end all! Although this helps reduce paper usage, every business still needs hard copies for several purposes, including technology backups. Networks aren’t 100% reliable and can become unavailable, computers can crash, and in a worst-case scenario, you may permanently lose your confidential data and files due to hackers. Furthermore, paper documentation remains the only fool proof and reliable way of keeping records.

Hard copy presentations

When working on a presentation, having a printed presentation is a plus! Presenting a well-documented and bound presentation to your clients could potentially win you the deal, as well as giving them something to take away and read through in their own time.

Full integration with email, cloud and mobile services

Although we’re moving to a more paperless working environment, at some point you will need documents in hard copies. Your copier allows you to integrate all your data from other devices and networks. You can scan documents and mail them directly through your copy machine. You can easily print documents you have saved and use the copies to improve your business.

You can save money

By purchasing a budget-friendly office copier, this can prove to be more cost effective than outsourcing copy jobs every time you require them. By having a copier in the office, this saves time and money.


Multifunctional copiers are ideal for saving time, energy and keeping your costs down. These devices include more robust features that allow you to access more copying functionalities. You can handle all your office needs with the press of a button!

Not every business is paperless

Although the world is heading that way, not all customers, clients and businesses are on board with that idea. It is still important to be able to serve these people by having an in-house copier to print hard copies.

Mail-ready envelopes

It’s safe to say mail services are still utilised and relied on daily. As businesses start direct mail campaigns, they may need custom envelopes with images and address information. Some copy machines will even automatically staple the documents and deposit them in the output tray!

Overall, the hard copy era isn’t over yet! Although the world is slowly becoming more and more paperless, escaping the interaction with paper is still impractical for numerous reasons. To discuss your copying needs, speak to a member of the SOS team today!

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