It’s safe to say that the last couple of years have been different to what we all got used to, both in terms of working and living. As some of us now work from home (WFH) full time due to the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic, we’re now shifting our focus away from lateral flows and hunting high and low for supplies, to products and devices we need for a sustainable home office. 

The work-from-home migration has prompted almost every remote employee to think about the best office technology devices for their new home workplace, such as office printers and scanners.

We can all agree that the adjustments we’ve had to make in the past two years were probably not ideal for long-term business growth. These immediate modifications were designed for short-term or quick resolutions, as we didn’t have much time for a well-thought-out process. 

However, we’re now realizing that our WFH setting is now fully established. As a side note, we are by no means saying this pandemic will last forever. But many companies will continue to work remotely for several reasons.

Some of these advantages for any business include:

  • More hours of work from their employees
  • Increased employee productivity (fewer distractions and wasted time)
  • Smaller office footprint
  • Lower utility costs (responsibility lies with the employee)
  • Less liability in the workplace

So, what does this mean for your business, employees, and customers? What office technology solutions do you need to stay connected? 

More importantly, where is the best place to purchase or lease your office printers and copiers? How can you find the best products that support the changing needs of your business? 

Let us fill you in!

Smart Purchases: Cheap Office Printers, Buyer Beware!  

Now that you’re working remotely from home, your office probably told you to find a cheap all-in-one or multifunction printer at your local retailer. Really? But did they actually think about this buying decision? The saying, “Think before you buy,” holds a lot of truth here. 

There are a few solid reasons for purchasing technology equipment for your home office. Just like the purchasing decisions previously made at your business, your office technology products and systems are a necessary part of your day-to-day productivity. 

Your entire organisation depends on your office printers to complete a variety of jobs. Selecting a machine that can cater to the specific demands of each of your employees isn’t always a walk in the park, though.

If you haven’t already begun searching for printers online, you probably haven’t noticed the overwhelming number of machines available. Not to mention the number of companies that offer these types of devices and other add-on features or functions. 

If you thought toilet paper and water bottles were hard to find at the start of the pandemic, you may have noticed how hard these cheap all-in-ones or wireless printers are to find or notice they have long delivery times!

If you’re trying to decide on purchasing or leasing office equipment, how do you determine what makes a good company stand out from a great one? 

Think Twice Before Buying from Traditional Retailers  

As we mentioned earlier, many of us scrambled to set up our home office as government requirements forced our businesses to move to a remote setup quickly. This type of transition led many of us down an unorganised path that lacked the resources we needed for a fully functioning large or small office. 

As we now realise that this is more of a long-term situation, we’ve started to think about the technology devices we need to purchase. 

Although it’s tempting to place a quick order for a printer to common retailers like Tesco or Argos, that may not be your best bet in terms of long-term support. Take a minute to ask yourself some of these questions:

  • What happens when my printer malfunctions? Who can I call for support? How do I know if they have quick response times or can resolve the problem within the first visit?
  • Who can help me with the installation and setup of my new device? Does this support mobile device collaboration through mobile printing? 
  • Won’t the cost of maintenance and supplies (such as toner or paper) add up? 
  • How do I know I’m getting exceptional print quality? Is the machine high quality to withstand my printing demands for the next year or two? Or will I have to buy another new device in six months?

A traditional retailer who happens to sell printers (along with thousands of other products) won’t be able to give you continuous qualified support, as opposed to an office technology company. 

Keep in mind that a credible office technology company only sells and supports technology devices. This allows them to dedicate all of their time and resources to you and your WFH needs. 

You’ll know you’ve come across a great copier or printer company when they have stats to back up their claims on quick response times, one-call resolutions, certified technicians, and an around-the-clock helpdesk or call centre.  

Cost Savings: Leasing or Buying from an Office Technology Company

We’d be lying if we said we’d never turn down a good deal. Let’s be real, who doesn’t love saving money? But, in WFH situations where you heavily depend on your office technology, cheaper is not always better. 

It’s necessary to consider the money you’re spending upfront on an in-home office printer as it significantly determines your productivity and profitability in the future.

So, how much could you be saving by partnering with your local copier or printer company? Basically, when you compare all the costs (printer, supplies, life expectancy, service, and maintenance), it’s not even close. 

The Final Say on Your WFH Office Printer

It can feel overwhelming to identify the best decisions you should be making for your business and employees.

It’s important to know that you have options. As you continue to transition into your WFH environment, you’ll need office technology solutions that are best suited for the work you do and the customers you serve.

Set aside some time to research local copier dealers near you to learn the efforts their taking that support your business technology plans now and in the future. Stay ahead of the curve and prepare your business.

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