Our local community is so important to us, and we love giving back to them. This includes our charity work to our sponsorships with local sports teams. Some benefits we and other researchers have found that corporate social responsibility helps are the economy, society and the environment.

The Economy

We’ve found it helps the economy because it allows us to regularly assess what we are doing to improve the local economies in which we operate, and we look at how our actions might damage us. Job creation, for instance, is one-way firms can enrich the local economy, but choosing a cheaper foreign supplier over a local one can harm it. Socially responsible firms, like us, will look to take action to try to ensure that their positive impacts on the economy outweigh the negatives. With the cost of living going up also, our technologies will benefit from this and won’t cost you as much in energy bills, especially for those larger businesses.


At SOS, we regularly assess what we are doing to improve the society we operate in. Encouraging employees to fundraise for or volunteer for a local charity, for example, is of benefit to society, but making redundancies is detrimental to it. We look to take action to try to ensure that our positive impacts on the local community outweigh the negatives.

The Environment

We feel it can help the environment by regularly assessing what we are doing to improve it and acknowledging how we may be damaging it and preventing this from happening. Switching our vehicles from petrol to fully electric, is one way of reducing our carbon footprint, for example, but relying on fossil fuels to power their heating systems will negatively impact it, which is an example of what we don’t want. Here at SOS, we look to take action to try to ensure that their positive impacts on the environment outweigh the negatives.

Another great reason why ‘Social Responsibility can help positively change a customer’s perspective on your company is the competition in the business world of today is stiff, and it can be quite challenging for a company to set itself apart in the eyes of customers. However, businesses that take social responsibility seriously can win consumers, as well as develop a platform to market and earn their audience’s attention.

Check out our community hub page: http://sosgroup-ltd.co.uk/community/

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