Running a hybrid team can offer many challenges that you may not have accounted for, and they can differ from fully remote teams. A hybrid environment for your employees requires adaption and at the SOS Group, we have outlined four separate things you need to keep in mind:

Set clear expectations and accountability

It is very important to talk to your team and ensure that they know what they are expected to do. Set out how your team should structure their working hours, factoring in that people who are out of the office may want or need more flexibility to rework their hours, and office-based staff may want more structure. Figure out what is expected of your team and how they work best.

Understand the benefits of each working situation and ensure fairness

All aspects of hybrid working come with their benefits, and you should pay attention to how your employees are reacting to this. Pay attention to your staff, and make sure that you aren’t giving the benefit of the doubt to certain employees, and that you aren’t discounting others. Hybrid working must remain fair.

Commit equal time and focus to each member of your team

You must remember that you have employees working both remotely and, in the office, and you must treat them equally. Make regular check-ins with each member of your team to discuss how they are feeling about the current hybrid working situation.

Be mindful of communication

When managing your hybrid team, make sure you discuss with them how and when you will communicate with them, along with who needs to be involved in what decisions. Think to yourself, does every recipient need to acknowledge every message? And does every message need to include the entire team? Set out guidelines on how to communicate as a team to make hybrid working function more smoothly.

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