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Ben Fletcher


Ben Fletcher

Service Manager


I Joined SOS Group in February 2011 as a Service Engineer and have worked through various positions during my time, culminating in my current position of Service Manager.


I have over 20 years’ experience in the printing industry, working for both worldwide corporations and manufacturers, as well as smaller dealerships across the UK. My diverse background covers everything from home use devices to production print machines, all backed up with manufacturer training and qualifications, along with many years of IT fault finding and training.

My experience helps us to deliver the best possible service to our customers, regardless of whether this is a single home user or multi-national company.

Why SOS?

After spending many years working with main manufacturers, I felt it was time for a change to a company where I could use my skills and feel appreciated for doing so. At SOS, everyone is made to feel welcome, and the ambition to grow the company, whilst supporting local charities along the way is great.


When not at work, I enjoy time with my family, especially visiting different countries and cities around the world. I enjoy rugby, although my days of playing are now over, so I’m relegated to the side-lines and following on TV if not there.

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